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By default, the directory warzone2100- can be found in your home-directory under the path /.local/share/. (If the XDG_DATA_HOME environment variable is defined, the Warzone folder will be located within $XDG_DATA_HOME.)


The impact of childhood victimization and other premilitary factors on warzone abusive violence was examined with 177 Vietnam combat veteran inpatients. Premilitary and military variables were also examined in relationship to postmilitary variables, including violence and PTSD. Statistical analyses showed that none of the premilitary variables predicted warzone violence. High combat exposure did, however, predict warzone abusive violence and PTSD. In addition, participation in warzone violence predicted postmilitary violence to self, spouse, and others. Although high rates of childhood victimization and high levels of combat exposure were found, neither predicted postmilitary violence, criminal activities, drug/alcohol problems, or suicide attempts. Low childhood adjustment ratings and school suspensions predicted adult alcohol abuse and drug abuse, respectively. These findings and their implication for treatment are discussed. 041b061a72

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