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EssentialsX Download: Everything You Need to Know About the Essential Plugin Suite

EssentialsX: The Essential Plugin Suite for Minecraft Servers

If you are running a Minecraft server, you might be looking for a plugin that can provide a variety of features and enhancements for your gameplay. Whether you want to teleport players, create kits, set warps, manage permissions, or just have some fun with chat commands, there is one plugin that can do it all: EssentialsX.

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EssentialsX is a continuation of the original Essentials plugin that was discontinued in 2014. It is a fork of the project that adds new features, fixes bugs, and supports modern Minecraft versions. It is one of the most popular and comprehensive plugin suites for Minecraft servers, with over 130 commands and countless options for customization.

In this article, we will show you how to download and install EssentialsX on your server, how to configure it to suit your needs, how to use its various features and commands, and how to get support and contribute to its development. Let's get started!

How to Download and Install EssentialsX

Downloading EssentialsX

The first step is to download EssentialsX from its official website or GitHub page. You can choose between stable releases or development builds. Stable releases are tested and verified versions that are recommended for most servers. Development builds are bleeding edge versions that contain the latest features and bug fixes, but may also have some issues or errors.

EssentialsX is split up into several separate plugins. The only jar that is necessary for EssentialsX to work is the main EssentialsX jar, which contains most of the core features most servers will need. The other modules are optional - see the page for more information on what each module does.

Once you've decided which EssentialsX modules you need, download them from the website or GitHub page and save them somewhere on your computer.

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Installing EssentialsX

The next step is to install EssentialsX on your server. To do this, you need to have a plugin-compatible server type running. We recommend using Paper</a ), which is a high-performance fork of Spigot that supports many plugins and has many optimizations and features. To install EssentialsX, you need to copy the jar files you downloaded into the plugins folder of your server. If you don't have a plugins folder, create one. Then, restart your server and wait for EssentialsX to load. You should see some messages in the console indicating that EssentialsX has been enabled. Updating from Essentials 2

If you are updating from the original Essentials plugin, you need to do some extra steps to ensure a smooth transition. First, make sure you have a backup of your server files and data, just in case something goes wrong. Then, delete the old Essentials jar files from your plugins folder and replace them with the new EssentialsX jar files. Next, rename the old Essentials folder to EssentialsX. Finally, rename the old config.yml file to config.yml.old and restart your server.

EssentialsX will generate a new config.yml file based on the old one, but with some changes and additions. You can compare the two files and adjust the settings as you wish. You can also delete the config.yml.old file once you are done.

How to Configure EssentialsX

Editing the config.yml file

The main configuration file for EssentialsX is the config.yml file, which is located in the EssentialsX folder in your plugins folder. This file contains many options and settings that affect how EssentialsX works on your server. You can open this file with any text editor and edit it as you like.

The config.yml file is divided into sections, each with a header and a list of options. Each option has a name, a value, and sometimes a comment explaining what it does. You can change the value of an option by editing the text after the colon (:). For example, if you want to change the default spawn point for new players, you can edit this line:

newbies: spawn-at: world:0:64:0

You can change the coordinates or the world name to suit your needs. You can also use to indicate relative coordinates from the server spawn point.

Some options have multiple values separated by commas (,), such as this one:

disabled-commands: - find - minecraft:me

This option lists the commands that are disabled by EssentialsX on your server. You can add or remove commands from this list as you wish.

Some options have sub-options that are indented with spaces, such as this one:

chat: radius: 0 group-formats: Default: '&7[GROUP]&r DISPLAYNAME&7:&r MESSAGE' Admins: '&c[GROUP]&r DISPLAYNAME&c:&r MESSAGE'

This option controls how chat works on your server. The radius option sets how far chat messages can be heard by other players. The group-formats option sets how chat messages are formatted for different groups of players. You can edit these sub-options as you like.

There are many more options and settings in the config.yml file that you can explore and customize. For more details and explanations, you can check out the page on the EssentialsX wiki.

Editing other configuration files

Besides the config.yml file, there are other configuration files that EssentialsX uses for different purposes. These files are also located in the EssentialsX folder in your plugins folder. Here are some of them:

  • kits.yml: This file defines the kits that players can use with the /kit command. You can create your own kits or edit the existing ones.

  • warps.yml: This file stores the warp points that players can use with the /warp command. You can add or remove warps with the /setwarp and /delwarp commands.

  • worth.yml: This file sets the prices for items that players can buy or sell with the /buy and /sell commands. You can edit these prices or add new items.

  • custom.txt: This file allows you to create custom commands or aliases for existing commands. You can use this file to simplify or customize commands for your server.

  • motd.txt: This file contains the message of the day that is shown to players when they join your server. You can edit this message or add color codes or placeholders.

rules.txt: This file contains the rules that are shown to players when they use the /rules command. You can edit these rules or add more lines.

These are just some of the configuration files that EssentialsX uses. You can find more information and examples on the page on the EssentialsX wiki.

Using permissions plugins

One of the most important aspects of configuring EssentialsX is managing permissions. Permissions are what determine who can use which commands and features on your server. By default, EssentialsX uses a simple permission system that grants all permissions to operators and none to regular players. However, this system is very limited and does not allow for much customization or flexibility.

That's why we recommend using a permissions plugin to manage permissions for EssentialsX and other plugins on your server. A permissions plugin allows you to create groups and assign permissions to them, as well as set prefixes and suffixes for chat and tab lists. You can also use a permissions plugin to set up inheritance, world-specific permissions, timed permissions, and more.

The most popular permissions plugin for EssentialsX is , which is an API that allows EssentialsX and other plugins to communicate with different permissions plugins.

To use a permissions plugin with EssentialsX, you need to download and install it on your server, and then configure it according to your needs. You can find more information and tutorials on the website or wiki of the permissions plugin you choose. You can also check out the page on the EssentialsX wiki for some examples and tips.

How to Use EssentialsX

Using commands

One of the main features of EssentialsX is its extensive list of commands that you can use to enhance y

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