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download view now ( 175.64 MB )

We tested Fritzing 0.9.10 on Windows 10 and Windows 11.To install Fritzing, run the downloaded installer file and follow the instructions.It may ask for admin rights ("UAC") during the installation.Please confirm this request by clicking "yes".This will allow the installation of the Visual C++ Redistributable from Microsoft.Fritzing is reported to work on Windows 8.1 and earlier.However, support for those versions has ended.If you already have Fritzing 0.9.6 or later running, then version 0.9.10will run without additional steps.

We tested Fritzing 0.9.10 on Mac OS X High Sierra, Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey (Intel and M1 with Rosetta).To install Fritzing on your Mac, open the downloaded *.dmg file and move Fritzing to yourapplications folder. You can then launch Fritzing from the applications folder.For macOS Sierra and El Capitan, Fritzing 0.9.3 is the latest version.

F-111 Pig HUD Project, navigation/situation awareness cockpit. Revision 7 upgrade. Must already have FXPIGGB5.ZIP installed. Unique stand off capability has been added to both Pave Tack and radar. This is a stunning feature not previously implemented in FSX. Radar contours now sea level to 17,000 feet and radar can view any airport worldwide from its current position. Flt Pln leg toggle SW can set radar view. Pave Tack now provides sharp detail close up views in steps to 20 nm and has full 1 degree increments with freedom of panning. Approximately five pages added to current 56 page flight manual, other minor improvements covered in the comprehensive notes. Adds to what is already an extremely capability panel and package packed with custom instruments and concepts not available in other aircraft. All instruments and text are sized to be clearly and easily readable. Includes enhanced HUD, multiple radars, GPS units, MFDs, and effects, TFR, autopilot/autothrottle, is carrier and air to air capable, ICAO entry and day/night/IFR/VFR navigation with constant current position awareness. HUD available in all views including the ten camera views. This is the complete panel with simple installation procedure. By Karol Chlebowski.

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Like any file referenced and used on a website, it first needs to be downloaded from a server. How quickly the file is downloaded depends on the connection speed and the size of the file itself. Users can browse the Internet using slow and unreliable networks, so minification, optimization, and code-splitting of JavaScript files ensure that the user downloads the smallest file possible.

Unlike the image file, for example, which only needs to be rendered once the file has been downloaded, JavaScript files need to be parsed, compiled, and executed. This is a CPU-intensive operation that blocks the main thread making the page unresponsive for that time. A user cannot interact with the page during that phase even though the content might be displayed and has seemingly finished loading. If the script takes too long to parse and execute, the user will get the impression that the site is broken and leave. This is why Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals specify First Input Delay (FID) and Total Blocking Time (TBT) metrics to measure site interactivity and input responsiveness.

We can configure our build tools and continuous integration (CI) tools to catch bundle sizing issues early in development by setting performance budgets that can serve as a performance baseline or a general asset size limit. Build tools like Webpack, CI tools, and performance audit tools like Lighthouse can use the defined performance budgets and throw a warning if some bundle or resource goes over the budget limit. We can then run code-splitting for bundles that get caught by the performance budget monitor. This is especially useful information for pull request reviews, as we check how the added features affect the overall bundle size. 041b061a72

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