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Learn About the Latest Changes and Best Practices in NFPA 13 (2013 Edition) with the NFPA 13 Handbook PDF 13

nfpa 13, the standard for the installation of sprinkler systems, is the standard, guide for designing, installing, testing, and maintaining your automatic sprinkler system. in this manual, nfpa introduces automatic sprinkler systems as a unified method to describe piping, controls, and occupancies, from foundation to interior operations. it also describes the system performance functions and the way they are determined, as well as other considerations that need to be taken into account in system design, installation, and testing. this manual is for the design and installation of automatic sprinkler systems that protect occupancies.

nfpa 13 2013 handbook pdf 13

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this handbook is printed in black and white for maximum legibility and durability. because of digital printing technology, we have eliminated the space requirement of color printing and produced only black and white reproductions.

checklists and decision trees are provided to help the reader with compliance, interpretation and application of the standard and related nfpa tests. at the end of each chapter, there is a set of pre-written questions for further clarification and review of a subject's application.

drawing on the experience of its members and the scientific and technological advances in the field of fire protection, the standards board has gathered the most useful and practical knowledge on fire safety and emission protection. nfpa 13 helps you protect people, property, and the environment by specifying requirements for the design, installation, maintenance, and acceptance testing of water-based fire protection systems.

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