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Buy Music Equipment Online

For over 30 years, American Musical Supply has been the choice of millions of customers for their musical instrument and gear needs! Our inventory includes a wide assortment of electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, live sound gear, DJ gear, recording equipment, drums, keyboards, accessories and more from hundreds of great brands. We are always working to bring you the lowest prices and the best deals, all with superior service. We have been committed to quality ever since we got our start in 1986 and stand behind every sale!

buy music equipment online


No matter if you are a passionate hobby player or a professional, we have the right equipment for you. We have been in the mailorder business for over 30 years. Search through our huge selection of music instruments, pa and light products as well as studio and recording equipment.

If you are about to start off with your first musical instrument or if you have been an active musician for years, you'll find what you are looking for in Musik-Produktiv's online music shop or in our music store You have the choice of more than 30000 products from over 1000 musical instrument and accessory manufacturers. There is a huge selection of guitars, basses, drums, percussion, keyboards, microphones and PA, DJ, studio and recording equipment so finding the right product for your individual needs is made easy. Our music store has been shipping musical instruments, technical equipment and accessories for more than 40 years to over 50 countries around the world. Our extensive experience in global shipping is always to your advantage. Payment, delivery and returns will be processed professionally and quickly. Benefit from our experience and rest assured that we make this happen because we know that our customer is always number one!

When you purchase musical instruments at Musik Produktiv you won't take any risks. Our Money Back guaranty extends the statutory cancellation period of 14 days to a comfortable period of 30 days. If you are not fully satisfied with your musical instrument purchased at Musik Produktiv, you can return it within these 30 days. Money back, no questions asked.

What is music to you? Whether it is a hobby, career or passion, you will find everything you are looking for here on the MUSIC STORE webshop! For more than 40 years we have utilised our enthusiasm for musical performance and creation to help us build a company that offers a wealth of instruments and equipment. From Guitar Amplifiers to Digital Audio Workstations, Stage Pianos to Complete PA Systems, we offer more than 55,000 items on our online store, in stock and ready for shipping. We provide a range of services including a special 30 Day Money-Back-Guarantee, Low Price Guarantee, , Free Returns, 0% Finance Payment Options, and plenty of expert advice and workshops to help you make the right decision.

Thanks to our automated warehouse, we are able to prepare orders for shipping until late into the night. We are proud to offer fast and professional delivery services with all major payment methods available through our online shop. Additionally, if you require some flexibility regarding payment, we provide finance options so you can pay in instalments (for UK and Germany only).

We are among the 10 largest stores for music-equipment worldwide.DV247 was founded in 1983 in London and in 2013 it merged with Music Store professional in Cologne, Germany. The flagship DV247 store is located in Romford, Greater London and offers, over a 3000m large shop floor, warehouse and office space, a large selection of professional instruments and audio equipment. The German flagship store in Cologne, Germany features a 5,500m showroom plus a huge 24 metre high automated high-bay warehouse with more than 14,000 pallets and 15,000 containers

We offer not only an international print catalogue (500 pages) with Euro prices... but also an English online catalogue with Pound prices. A catalogue gives you a much quicker overview than any online shop.

Online music stores dealing in musical supplies are typical providers of musical resources in the digital era. The most common physical supplies that you can find in an online music store include musical instruments and equipment.

Some of them extend their offering to also act as online shops where customers can access a variety of musical items and custom products depending on the specific need of the client. They could sell you sheet music to accompany your guitar, violin, piano, trumpet, flute, drums, or other instruments.

Most customers prefer online music stores that have an extensive portfolio. They can satisfy the needs of most customers that visit the store. Therefore, if you want an online music store that provides all categories of supplies, Zzounds is your one-stop for all music needs.

The online music store also provides branded musical supplies, including JBL music monitors, Gibson guitars, Peavey PA speakers, Roland synthesizers, Yamaha keyboards, among many other big brands. You, therefore, may find your preferred brand in the category of supplies that suits your needs. Zzounds is also a certified supplier for these brands, which means that the customer will enjoy buying directly from the manufacturer.

Sweetwater was operational as early as 1999. The original website is even older as it was launched in 1995. Therefore, it stands out as a well-established online store and the largest retailer for music supplies in the US.

The company behind the Sweetwater online music store was established in 1979 by a musician known as Chuck Surack. It has a solid foundation and a strong background as the founder has experience in tuning and playing a variety of instruments.

Gear4music is an online music store in Europe that boasts of an excellent reputation and high capacity for customizing its services. The company also has a long history as it launched in 2003, which is about two decades ago.

It provides all types of musical instruments and strives to capture clients across all markets by partnering with the most significant general retailers in the global digital space. It boasts of being a publicly-traded company and has enjoyed the reputation since 2015.

Guitar Center focuses on specialized supplies and is excellent for customers that want to avoid a clutter of products in irrelevant categories. It is the largest music store specializing in guitar sales. Guitar Center is also the oldest store of this kind that has a substantial online presence.

Music123 is unique for offering specialized services, including sheet music, which helps support clients that need more guidance in playing their instruments. The music store offers general music supplies in the top categories of guitars, woodwinds, brass instruments, and sheet music.

Sam Ash is one of the online music stores with efficient and reliable management or structure of ownership. It is excellent for loyal customers. The Sam Ash family owns this online music store, and it keeps the legacy of its founder.

The best online music stores should include a wide range of services from the specialized offers for audio engineering, set-ups, and supplies for all types of musical equipment and instruments.

The best music store should be one that you may contact to order a suite of recording equipment, acquire any musical instrument, music software for synthesizers, specialized computer programs for workstations, or a variety of audio effects.

The benefits of using it should range from the minimal cost of the purchase to quality assurance. The online music store should provide you with specific benefits that apply to a client in musical supplies.

Zzounds stands out as the best online music store for music supplies. It provides a wide range of musical supplies, a guarantee for the lowest price, delivery within two business days, and a very lenient return policy. A client can also access the cheapest musical supplies and still get the best quality.

It employs professional musicians and audio engineers to guide your purchase. The online musical store, therefore, stands out as the best musical supplies retailer. You can order any instrument from the retailer, procure audio recording equipment, contact their engineers to inquire about anything that hinders you in your musical experience, or return past purchases.

You may get an offer or additional customer services if you are not satisfied at any point. As such, your best online music retailer will meet all the needs that emerge in your attempt to acquire musical supplies.

Been using the Akai mpk mini 3 for a few months now, the setup process was fast. Tutorials get you started up on how to interface with different dacs. Recommend using FL studio. Understanding the interface and tools takes a while if you are a beginner, online tutorials assist in the same (I am novice in music, let alone digital music programs and interfaces)

I have ordered Epiphone DR 100 online from johnsmusic and the guitar I received is excellent, they have had checked all the necessary things and then make a shipment of my guitar . If you are a beginner starting to learn guitar or in an intermediate state, this guitar is ideal for you, trust me the sound quality you get in this guitar in 15-16k range is magnificent and you would all loved it.

Team John's music values customer feedback, only stocks quality products and performs Quality checks before dispatching. Their service is unparalleled. Prefer buying from them than the other over-hyped stores.

One of the best place where you will get all the products, Even I personally recommend my all musician friends and students to purchase products from John's Music.Most reliable and best service provider In short Best in the Town.

Speakers, headphones, amplifiers, the list goes on. There are tons of music products readily available, and with technology rapidly changing, you can expect to see plenty of new products entering the market in the near future. 041b061a72

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