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Angelina by Carlos F. Gutiérrez: A Review

Angelina is a short novel written by Carlos F. Gutiérrez, a Honduran author and journalist. It was published in 1985 by Editorial Guaymuras and is considered to be the first narrative work written and published in Honduras. The novel tells the story of Angelina, a young woman who lives in a rural area of Honduras and experiences a series of tragic events that lead her to escape from her oppressive husband and seek freedom in the mountains.

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The novel is divided into three parts: the first one introduces Angelina's life in the countryside, where she suffers from poverty, violence, and abandonment. She marries Felipe, a man who does not love her and mistreats her. She also has a son, Julián, who is born with a physical deformity and is rejected by his father. The second part narrates Angelina's encounter with a mysterious man in the forest, who offers her a new perspective on life and awakens her desire for happiness. The third part describes Angelina's decision to leave her husband and run away with the stranger, facing the dangers of nature and society.

The novel is written in a simple and direct language, using descriptive details and dialogues to portray the reality of rural Honduras. The author uses symbolism and imagery to convey Angelina's emotions and feelings, as well as the contrast between her oppressive environment and her inner freedom. The novel also explores themes such as love, identity, gender roles, social injustice, and human dignity.

Angelina is a novel that reflects the historical and cultural context of Honduras in the 1980s, a period marked by political instability, social inequality, and environmental degradation. The novel also represents the voice of Honduran literature, which was emerging as a form of expression and resistance against the dominant discourses of power. Angelina is a novel that challenges the reader to question the status quo and to empathize with the plight of marginalized women in Latin America.

If you are interested in reading Angelina by Carlos F. Gutiérrez, you can find it online as a PDF file [here] or buy it from [Google Books] or [Google Libros].

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